3 Easy Ways to Safely Remove Icicles from Your Roof

After a snowfall, you may see “icicles” appearing along your roof and gutters. As beautiful as they look, many of you are also unaware of how dangerous they can be for your roof.

Additionally, they can turn into ice dams which is when the water can’t properly drain off your roof. Ice dams can lead to serious water damage including leak, moisture and mold.

In this article, we explain the reasons to remove icicles from your roof and share different techniques to easily and safely get rid of them.

1. Use a Snow Rake

A snow rake makes it much easier for you to remove the snow sitting on your roof, while standing on the ground from several feet up the edge.

2. Use Your Attic Fans 

When snow is expected to fall, you should turn on your attic fans beforehand. By doing so and making sure that the airflow is blowing towards the intersection of your gutters and your roof, you will prevent the formation of icicles, and ice dams along your roof.

3. Use Chemical Deicers

Using chemical deicers is an efficient way to melt the snow on your roof, which also prevents icicles formation. However, it’s important to stay away from calcium chloride or sodium chloride, since they can severely damage your roof.

If you’ve been undergoing this issue for a while and never took the time to remove those icicles/ ice dams, then we highly recommend reaching out to a roofing professional to examine your roof for any potential issues.

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