Do Solar Panels Produce Energy in the Rain?

M. G, it’s raining. Will my solar panels still produce? The simple answer is yes, you will still produce! Rainy days are not any different than cloudy days. Your solar panels are still exposed to the sun and in this article, we will explain how. 

Energy Production 

When it gets rainy, your solar panels are STILL exposed to the sun. The sun’s rays penetrate through the rain which creates indirect light.  

While the production would be limited mainly due to the limited sunlight, it’s nothing to worry about! Your solar panels will keep generating adequate power for your home.  

Another good news is that rain washes away dust and dirt from your solar panels, which increases the overall performance of your solar panels.  

Rain’s effect on solar panels 

Solar panels are built to be strong and produce energy through direct and indirect sunlight. Therefore, rainy days will NOT have any effect on your solar panels.  

No matter how rainy it gets, your solar panels will continue to generate electricity. While it will be less than usual, it will still be enough for your home.  

In conclusion, rainy days are nothing to worry about. While it appears that you won’t take advantage of your solar panels due to the lack of sunlight, as mentioned, the sun’s rays still penetrate through the rain which will have your solar panels exposed to the sun.