Roof Replacement: How Long Does It Take? 

Every year, many homeowners are faced with the option of either repairing or replacing. As repairing seems to be a quicker route, sometimes replacing is no longer an option as your roof starts to promote alarming signs of weakness.  

A roof replacement simply involves replacing your old roofing materials with brand new ones. But how long would it take to replace it?  

As every home is different, the timeline would also vary. On average, a roof replacement could be completed in a day for any residence of 3,000 square feet or less.  

However, that timeline may extend up to three weeks depending on different factors discussed below.  

Roof Complexity 

A roof’s complexity is determined by different factors that add to the difficulty of the installation including the number of facets, angles, hips, valleys, and the pitch of the roof.  

For example, if your roof has a high number of facets at several angles, hips, valleys, including a steep pitch, such installation will reveal to be more complicated and take much longer than a simple roof with up to four facets.  

Depending on the roof complexity, it could take up to three days to replace a more complex roof.  

Roof Accessibility 

Roof accessibility is important for roofers to access their roofs and work effectively.  

While the roofers are replacing your roof, they would need to tear off the old roof, get the torn-off materials into the dumpster and eventually bring the new materials back up to the roof to start the installation.  

A few examples of hard roof accessibility could be due to bushes around your house, a fence, or even no paved surface near the roof access point.  

Therefore, hard roof accessibility could affect the roofers’ performance and add up a few hours to a day to the timeline.  

The Weather 

It’s important to take the weather into consideration when planning an installation. In fact, the weather could affect how long it would take to be replaced as well as how soon it could be finished.  

For example, if it starts raining the day of your roof replacement, the installation will have to be rescheduled until it’s dryer out. In this case, the roofers would tarp your roof to protect your home and pick up where they left off when everything would be dry enough to work safely again.  

The Season 

Here in Pennsylvania, we have all four seasons, and some seasons have different factors that affect the roofers’ productivity. 

For example, roofers don’t replace roofs in the dark but during winter, days tend to be shorter which means that they won’t spend as much time on your roof as they would on a regular spring day.  

If your replacement happens to be during this time, estimate an extra day for the process to be completed.