Roof Replacement in Winter: It’s Possible!

Can your roof be replaced during winter? Absolutely, anyone can have their roof replaced in winter. 

However, the method used to replace your roof during colder temperatures is NOT the same as the one used during warmer seasons.

Therefore, you will often hear companies suggesting to wait until it gets warmer to replace your roof. But in case of emergency, Pinnacle Exteriors can come out and replace your roof during any season, including winter.

How Different Is Replacing a Roof in Winter?

Before replacing your roof, it’s very important to ensure that the roofing shingles are warm enough prior to being installed on your roof which could simply be storing them in a heated place before delivering them to the homeowner.

While having the roofing shingles warm enough before installing them is an important step, using the appropriate technique to seal shingles in colder temperatures ensures durability of your roof. 

Generally, roofing shingles are specifically designed with thermally activated asphalt sealant, which bonds the shingles to the roof thanks to the sunlight and its heat combination.

Note that this process is used during warmer temperatures and can take several weeks for the shingles to stick. 

Due to the lack of heat in winter, it’s important for roofing professionals to use a comparable alternative to replace the roof effectively.

Therefore, the roofing professionals may need to hand-seal your shingles with any approved adhesives provided by the manufacturer and would need to hand-seal the shingles with up to two dabs while ensuring that the cement is not exposed.

Between snow on your roof and heavy winds, your roof could be exposed to different threats if in bad condition this winter.

But it’s not over, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (484) 350-6829 for one of our experts to look for potential damages and help you determine the best option.