3 Reasons to Replace Your Roof before Solar Panels 

You have high electricity bills and are interested in solar panels. However, during your solar assessment, the specialist suggests having a new roof before scheduling a solar install.  

Many homeowners decide not to and end up regretting their decision. Below, we share three advantages of replacing your roof with Pinnacle Exteriors before having your solar system installed.  

1. Work with ONE Company

Handling this project with a company that provides both services can be advantageous as you would only have ONE single point of contact through each step of the process.  

Pinnacle Exteriors would ensure to plan the timeline accordingly for both projects, handle the permits and provide a combined warranty, which could prevent costly mistakes while working with several companies at once.  

2. No Need to Uninstall and Reinstall Your Solar Panels

While you can have your solar panels installed on an old roof, doing so could cause issues in the future.  

In case of a leak that worsened over time, your solar panels would need to be uninstalled for the roofers to build a brand-new roof and then re-installed afterward, which is time-consuming and a waste of money.  

3. The Saved Energy Offset Your New Roof’s Investment

Once your solar system is installed, the amount of electricity saved would add up over time since your system would continue to produce if there is daylight.  

Furthermore, you will continue to save energy which will eventually equal more than what you invested into your new roof and solar system.  

Therefore, you would be able to offset both investments while enjoying your free energy!  

In conclusion, should you replace your roof before installing your solar system? If needed, absolutely! Doing so will be less time-consuming, stressful and save you money.  

If you are looking to have a solar system installed and feel concerned about your roof’s condition, call 1-877-954-6473 to schedule a free assessment with one of our roofing specialists to check your roof.