3 Simple Ways to Save Electricity on Christmas 

Christmas is known as the best holiday, as family and friends get together to enjoy some good old times. But did you know? Christmas is also the holiday where we tend to spend the most.  

Between gifts, dinner feasts in addition to energy consumption, and ALL other charges, money can be problematic during that season.  

However, there are different alternatives you could take to save as much as you can. In this article, we will focus on energy-saving. We list below three simple ways to save electricity on Christmas.  

1. Use LED Christmas Lights 

Investing in LED Christmas lights for your Christmas tree would be a great alternative to traditional lights.  

LED lights consume 90-percent less energy than regular bulbs. Additionally, they can be purchased for as little as $10 a strand, which is affordable.  

2. Reduce Your Energy Consumption

During Christmas, energy consumption increases up to 30% due to all the decorations and appliances.  

A smart way to reduce energy would be to turn all lights off in your living room and instead, illuminate your space by using the lights from your Christmas tree.  

Another trick would be to light your living room with candles, as they are non-electric and offer a cozy atmosphere.  

Furthermore, you could set a timer to automatically turn off electronic appliances after a certain amount of time, especially when they are not being used.  

3. Save Energy While Cooking 

During the Christmas holidays, it’s not uncommon to bake. Therefore, a great tip to save energy while cooking would be to multi-task.  

For instance, you could look for dishes that have the same cooking time to cook everything at once through different racks.  

Yet, if the weather is pleasant, you could simply grill your main entrees which would prevent using the oven at all.