Will Solar Panels Function During a Power Outage? 

Many homeowners who plan on installing solar panels on their property wondered about the different functionalities. A common question is “what will happen to solar panels during a power outage?”  

Solar panels will stop producing during a power outage for safety purposes. However, there is an alternative solution, specifically designed for solar systems.   

Power Outage 

A Power outage refers to a state of electric power loss in a specific area of a power grid. A power outage can affect a house or even an entire city, depending on the extent of the damage or cause of the outbreak.  

While power outages can be caused by different factors, some common reasons include storms, lightning strikes or sometimes can even be requested for maintenance purposes.  

Solar Panels Versus Power Outage 

When installing your solar system, it is wired into your electric company’s grid, which also gives you access to net metering.  

But when your power completely goes out, your solar system instantly pauses the energy production from the sun. Note that it is done so for safety purposes, to allow utility workers to fix the lines. 

Solar Battery Storage 

Contrary to a net metering, which refers to excess energy sent back to the grid to gain credit and lower your next payment amount, a solar battery is an alternative addition to your solar system.  

It gives you full independence over the clean energy generated through your solar panels. A solar battery’s main purpose is to allow you to store excess energy to use it at a later time, usually when your solar panels are not producing enough.  

Therefore, while it is obvious that your solar panels alone will not generate any clean energy during a power outage, a solar battery is always a great alternative to take full independence over your energy produced and use it as you please.  

If you have had solar panels installed in the past and have been looking into installing a solar battery, you can contact us to schedule a free assessment with one of our experts.