Bob C.

Published On January 9, 2024 
by sm


Location  Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania 
Solar System Size  17.010 kW 
Pre-solar Power Bill $300
Post-solar Power Bill  $0

Bob’s goal was to liberate his summer home in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, from conventional energy costs. Situated amidst open surroundings with ample sunlight, Bob chose Pinnacle Exteriors for a ground-mounted system tot be installed.

Solar Installation

Enclosed are two images illustrating Bob’s solar venture.

The initial image reveals the blueprint of his solar project, detailing a thoughtfully crafted design to maximize energy generation.

In the second image, witness the fruition of this plan—a robust 17.010 kW solar system boasting 42 panels, gracefully positioned on the ground of his home in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.


Bob: “The permitting process was a bit of a challenge but not for Pinnacle. They followed through every step of the way. I’m pleased with every aspect of the project. Everyone has played their part with professionalism and courtesy. I am satisfied with choosing Pinnacle for this installation.

May 16, 2023.

Post-solar Installation Results

Following the installation of his ground-mounted solar system, Bob has experienced a remarkable transformation in his household finances.

This transformation is evident in his electric bills, which have plummeted from a hefty $300 to an astounding zero.

Such a drastic decrease not only emphasizes the success of Bob’s solar investment but also showcases the tangible advantages of embracing clean energy.

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