Case Study

Ron M.


Project Summary
Location Tower City, Pennsylvania
System Size 12.15 kW
Production 10.88 MWh
Pre-solar Power Bills $150-$200
Post-solar Power Bills $15


Ron decided to take control of his energy cost and reduce his environmental footprint by investing in a solar energy system in Tower City, Pennsylvania.



Post-solar installation, Ron’s monthly utility bills ranged from $150 to $200, which added up significantly over time. However, Ron was looking for a sustainable solution for energy savings and less reliance on traditional grid power.



Pinnacle Exteriors designed a custom 12.15 kW solar system for Ron’s home. In addition, Ron’s solar system was strategically placed to maximize sunlight exposure and energy production.



Since the solar installation, Ron’s life has been transformed. His utility bills have plummeted from $150-$200 to just $15/month. This reduction in energy cost has not only brought financial relief but also allowed Ron to contribute to a greener lifestyle.


To conclude, Ron’s adoption of a 12.15 kW solar system, specifically designed for his home, has not only slashed his monthly bills from $150-$200down to just $15/month, which was a positive change financially and for the purpose of sustainability.

Case Study

Fiorela D.

Project Summary
Location Union City, New Jersey
System Size 5.6 kW
Production 4.35 MWh
Pre-solar Power Bills $300-$400
Post-solar Power Bills $45-$60


Fiorela D. from Union City, NJ, experienced high monthly electricity bills ranging from $300 to $400.



Fiorela’s primary challenge was the financial burden of her consistent high electricity bills. Fiorela’s goal was to find an alternative option that would be effective enough to reduce these exorbitant utility bills.



Fiorela contacted Pinnacle Exteriors to design and install her 5.6 kW solar system on her property. The solar installation included the placement of photovoltaic panels optimized to capture maximum sunlight, an inverter system for converting solar energy into usable electricity, and a net metering connection with the local utility grid.



Following her installation of the solar system, Fiorela Delgado experienced remarkable results:

  • Drastic reduction in bills: Her monthly electricity bill plummeted from the range of $300-$400 down to an average of just $45-$60.
  • Financial relief: Fiorela achieved immediate financial relief, with her solar system paying for itself through the substantial savings.
  • Energy efficiency: She became more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious, as her home was now primarily powered by clean and renewable energy.


Fiorela’s case demonstrates the transformative impact that solar power can have on a homeowner’s utility expense. By addressing her single concern through a solar installation, she not only achieved significant cost savings but also contributed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Case Study

Jesse T.

Project Summary
Location Telford, Pennsylvania
System Size 7.93 kW
Production 9.77 MWh
Pre-solar Power Bills $169-$213
Post-solar Power Bills $10-$20


Jesse, a homeowner residing in Telford, Pennsylvania, embarked on a journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability by choosing Pinnacle Exteriors for his solar system installation.



Before having a solar system installed, Jesse was burdened with high monthly electricity bills ranging from $196-$213. These expenses put a strain on his budget and made him consider sustainable energy as an alternative.



Jesse chose Pinnacle Exteriors to handle his solar system project on his property. Pinnacle Exteriors designed a 7.92 kW solar system to harness the abundant sunlight in his area and reduce his dependency on the grid.


  • Quick Difference: Two months after Jesse’s solar system was installed, he experienced a remarkable decrease in his electricity bills. This bill reduction allowed him to save significantly on his energy expenses, which he could allocate elsewhere in his budget.


  • Spring Electricity Bills: As the spring season arrived, Jesse’s energy production lowered his power bills to $20/month, which demonstrates the system’s efficiency in generating clean energy during moderate weather conditions.


  • Summer Electricity Bills: During the summer months, Jesse was only paying $10/month for electricity.


In conclusion, Jesse’s decision to invest into a 7.92 kW solar system had a positive impact on his utility bills, as he went from paying $169-213/month to as low as $10/month.