Fiorela D.

Published On January 11, 2024 
by sm


Location  Union City, New Jersey 
Solar System Size  5.6 kW 
Pre-Solar Power Bill  $300
Post-Solar Power Bill  $40

Fiorela, a Union City resident in New Jersey, decided to make a change at her place. Having owned her home for 10 years, built in 1990, and sporting a combination of shingled and flat roofs, she noticed plenty of sunlight without any pesky tree shadows.

Wanting to cut down on traditional energy costs, she reached out to Pinnacle Exteriors, who eventually helped Fiorela embrace a more sustainable and cost-effective energy solution for her everyday life.

Solar Installation

Enclosed are two snapshots unveiling Fiorela’s solar journey.

In the first image, delve into the details of her solar project—a carefully crafted design to make the most of the abundant sunlight on her Union City, New Jersey home. With a decade of ownership and a ’90s construction featuring a mix of shingled and flat roofs, Fiorela’s residence became the canvas for this sustainable initiative.

Now, in the second image, witness the realization of this plan—a 5.6 kW solar system featuring 14 panels. A shift occurred after a meticulous site measurement, leading to a system remodel that optimized the setup. The final outcome was a custom solar solution seamlessly fitting the available roof space and maximizing Fiorela’s energy production potential.


Fiorela & Frank: “All good” 

Post-solar Installation results

Following the installation of her rooftop solar system, Fiorela has experienced a remarkable transformation in her home’s financial dynamics.

This shift becomes apparent when reviewing her monthly power bills, which have seen a noteworthy decrease from $300 to $40.

The substantial reduction not only underscores the success of Fiorela’s solar journey but also emphasizes the tangible benefits of adopting sustainable energy solutions.

In fact, she is now saving an impressive 87% on her monthly energy expenses, showcasing the economic advantages of embracing solar power.

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