George S. & Anita C.

Published On January 9, 2024 
by sm


Location  Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Solar System Size 6.32 kW 
Pre-solar Power Bill $175
Post-solar Power Bill $21

George and Anita’s aim was to free their Wyomissing, Pennsylvania residence from traditional energy expenses. With abundant sunlight, they opted for Pinnacle Exteriors to install a roof-mounted solar system on their 8-year-old flat roof.

Solar Installation

Attached are two images unveiling George and Anita’s solar journey.

The first image displays the intricacies of their solar project, a meticulously planned design to harness optimal energy on their 8-year-old flat roof.

In the second image, witness the realization of this plan—a 6.32 kW solar system featuring 16 larger panels, strategically positioned on their sun-soaked Wyomissing, Pennsylvania home.

The decision to use larger panels was for aesthetic purposes, based on the square footager of their roof.


George: “Mike, spent all the time explaining how things would go.

Installation team was more than great.

Post-solar Installation Results

After implementing their rooftop solar system, George and Anita have witnessed a significant shift in their home’s financial landscape.

This change becomes evident when glancing at their monthly power bills, which have gracefully descended from a $175 to $21.

The significant reduction not only underlines the success of George and Anita’s solar journey but also highlights the tangible benefits of embracing sustainable energy solutions.

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