Ron M.

Published On December 22, 2023 
by sm


Location  Tower City, Pennsylvania 
Solar System Size  12.15 kW 
Pre-solar Power Bill  $150
Post-solar Power Bill  $15

Ron’s desire was to eliminate his $150+ electric bills. Nestled in a single-family home surrounded by trees, Ron and his wife noticed how their house was exposed to the sun. 

Therefore, they both jumped into the opportunity to have Pinnacle Exteriors assessed their home and make this project happen. 

Solar Installation



Ron: “Marcus and crew did an outstanding job, highly recommed all to anyone looking at solar power. Marcus is highly skilled and polite as anyone can be. Highly skilled and should be promoted to better use his skills.” 

Post-solar Installation Results

After incorporating a solar system into his home, Ron witnessed a significant turnaround in his household finances.

This transformation is clearly reflected in Ron’s electric bills, which have seen a substantial decrease from $150 to an impressive $15.

This substantial cut not only underscores the success of Ron’s solar investment but also highlights the practical benefits of adopting clean energy.

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