We provide complete solutions for roof replacement and solar panels

Is your roof leaking? Do you have a steep, low or flat slope roof? Pinnacle Exteriors has an experienced crew that can diagnose your roof problem and handle all your roof replacement needs. When minor problems are overlooked, they can become costly problems that can damage the interior of your home. Make sure your home is properly protected with quality materials and reliable service.

Hail Damage Repair

Don’t wait until your roof starts to leak to have your roof inspected for hail damage. Dimples in shingles and water leaks are the most common roof issues after a hailstorm. Pinnacle Exteriors has experts who can evaluate your roof damage and recommend the best solution for your home.

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Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot often comes as an unpleasant surprise. Perhaps you're having your roof shingles replaced and the roofer announces that the decking, rafters, and/or ridge board is rotted. Left untreated, with the right conditions, wood rot can spread and eventually weaken the structure of your home. Of course, a home with significant rot will also lose its resale value, so it's imperative to take action.

Pinnacle Exteriors specializes in roof repairs that can help prevent wood rot.

Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

If you have high energy costs and notice that your home is too hot in the summer, improper attic ventilation could be to blame. Pinnacle Exteriors is a professional roofer in Greater Allentown with experience in installing roof vents and fixing attic ventilation problems. We install several types of roof vents and our experts can recommend the best solution for your home.

Contact us today to request your free estimate for roof vent installation or roof repair in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Roof & Ice Damage

One thing that homeowners dread during snowy weather is the formation of ice dams along the edge of the roof. Water trapped behind an ice dam can flow under roof shingles and leak into the house, damaging walls, floors, and other materials.

Here at Pinnacle Exteriors, we offer solutions to repair damage to your roof caused by ice damming, as well as prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

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