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A smart choice. Solar panels are low maintenance and will work effectively for years.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Solar energy is the ultimate renewable energy source — green, non-polluting, and universally available. It’s also more affordable than ever thanks to advances in PV technology which have brought down the price of solar cells. Local and Federal incentive programs simply sweeten the deal even further.

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A Smart Choice.

How does a residential solar photovoltaic system work?

Here’s how a typical “grid-connected” solar PV system works:

  1. The solar system is mounted on a south-facing roof or the ground. If necessary trees are trimmed to make sure the panels receive consistent sunlight.
  2. Solar cells use sunlight to create DC current which is then converted to AC current by an inverter.
  3. This AC current is then fed through an electric meter (just like the electricity produced by the power company) and is ready for use!

Increase your electricity output and energy efficiency with solar power!

Solar PV systems provide a lot of value for the home by generating free electricity any time that the sun is shining. This could lower your electric bill between 40%-80%! Not only can this electricity power your home, but it can also be sold back to the electric utility during low demand times. Thanks to net metering regulations the electric utility must purchase this surplus.

The best part? These solar PV systems are nearly maintenance-free! This means your solar panels will keep providing you with savings for 25 years or more!

Start saving energy and money with a solar photovoltaic system upgrade

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