Timothy and Linda D.

Published On December 14, 2023 
by sm


Location Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Solar System Size 13.825 kW
Pre-solar Power Bill $250
Post-solar Power Bill $13


Timothy and Linda D., retirees in Palmerton, Pennsylvania dove into solar living. Pinnacle Exteriors facilitated the installation on their three-year-old shingle-roofed ranch home, where monthly electric bills once hit $200.

Solar Installation

Attached are two images showcasing Timothy and Linda’s solar journey.

The first unveils their solar plan, showcasing a meticulous layout designed for optimal energy production.

The second image captures the realization of this plan—an 18.325 kW solar system with 35 panels adorning their shingle-roofed ranch home.



Timothy & Lisa: “Pinnacle has made the process of installing solar panels a pain-free experience. We set an appointment to hear a presentation after a representative knocked on our door to see if there was some interest in your product. The representative that came for the appointment was very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained our options. The financing offered made it possible for us to go forward with the project at this time. We were always kept informed of the progress of the project from start to finish. Every person of the Pinnacle team was polite, considerable and competant.”

Post-solar Installation Results

Since the installation of their solar system, Timothy and Linda have experienced a remarkable transformation in their household finances.

The tangible impact is evident in their electric bills, which have seen a substantial reduction from $200 to an astonishing $13.

This significant decrease not only underscores the success of their solar investment but also highlights the tangible benefits of harnessing clean energy.

Timothy and Linda’s journey stands as a testament to the positive and immediate impact that solar solutions can have on both the environment and personal finances, offering a compelling narrative for those considering a similar sustainable shift.

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