3 Reasons to Go Solar in the Spring 

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming, the bugs are flying, and the sun is out. But did you know that spring is a great season to consider solar panels? There are many reasons to start the process during this season.  

Below, we share the TOP three reasons why you should go solar during Spring.  

1. Be Set for the Summer

More and more people opt for solar panels to lower their electricity bills. However, during peak seasons, the installation timeline tends to be extended due to permits and inspections to be performed. Therefore, spring happens to be a great season to start the process and be prepared for the summer.  

2. Net Metering

As a Pennsylvania resident, you’re eligible for net metering, which allows homeowners to sell excess electricity produced by their solar system. 

Considering you have your solar system installed in the spring, you will most likely overproduce during the season. Eventually, you will earn credits to use when your electric bills are high.   

3. Efficient Installation

When installing a solar system during the summer season, the solar installers may more likely need to take more breaks than usual, due to the excessive heat which can potentially slow down the installation till later during the day.  

But by opting to have your solar system installed in the spring season instead, you could make the process much easier for the solar installers as the weather is more convenient and could work more efficiently.